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Welcome to the small on-line-space for parents! At Family & Parenting on Best YouTube Channels parents share ideas on parenting, family fun, favorite recipes, family videos to inspire others to participate in family events.

1. Family Fun Pack

7,037,950 subscribers
If someone's having fun, it's our family! Our daily videos include challenges, parks, epic road trips, vlogs, toys, games, food, clothes and lots of other fun things! We are the originators of the "costume runway" series on YouTube. We have 6 kids: Alyssa, David, Zac & Chris, all born within 39 months of each other, cute little brother Michael, and our new baby, Owen! Our motto is "fun with the family, every day".

2. Bratayley

6,273,311 subscribers
Family friendly content every day? Yep. That's right. Watch these crazy kids as they make every day an adventure.

3. Sam and Nia

2,357,316 subscribers
-A small family of five pointing to a big God and vlogging it all... daily. -Started vlogging when a lip sync we made in the car went viral. -We post our daily family moments at 5 pm CST every day.


5,043,326 subscribers
If life's worth living then it's worth recording!!!

5. SmellyBellyTV

1,789,301 subscribers
HEY GUYS!!! We are a vlogging family that lives in sunny Florida. Don't only expect vlogs from us, because we all have a love for the camera and acting. Here are some fun facts about everyone Terra- She is originally from Louisiana Jesse- He is from Minnesota Jayla- She is 12 and is in 7th grade Aydah- She is 9, and is in 4th grade Rory- She is 4, and she was born a month early weighing only 5 pounds!! We love making daily videos and turning every day into a positive experience.

6. Ellie and Jared

1,454,086 subscribers
We struggled for nearly 3 years to have a baby without success. After an endless stream of doctors and tests, Ellie was finally diagnosed with a type of infertility called PCOS. Fertility treatments and more disappointments followed until finally, we got pregnant. We were blessed with a wonderful, healthy baby boy who is now a very active toddler. Then, suddenly, without the help of any fertility treatments, we were blessed with another amazing baby boy. We are now enjoying our family adventures and we are excited to share them with you daily!

7. J House Vlogs

1,343,910 subscribers
We are loving, learning, serving, and playing together with our 5 little kids: Isaac (8), Elise (7), Caleb (5), Laura (3), and our beautiful little baby girl. We love sharing our life and connecting with you! -- J House OUT.

8. The ACE Family

7,959,235 subscribers
Welcome to THE ACE FAMILY channel. Join The ACE Family and SUBSCRIBE! Our videos include vlogs, crazy experiences, challenges, pranks, and fun family times.


1,251,721 subscribers
WHATS GOING ON GUYS AND WELCOME TO OUR CHANNEL! Our names are Landon and Shyla but we go by This is L&S. We are a young couple from Los Angeles that is always on a crazy adventure. We WILL entertain you.. you can bet on that! Make sure to subscribe to keep up with all our weekly madness. We hope to keep a smile on your face. Welcome to the family! #L&Sgang

10. 8 Passengers

1,509,765 subscribers
Things can get crazy with six active kids, but we can find true joy in the journey if we love and support each other. Welcome to 8 Passengers! Look for our new videos every Tuesday through Sunday, with occasional bonus videos on Monday.

11. We Are The Davises

1,980,978 subscribers
We are an entertaining family vlog channel based in California. Our daily videos show our real-life moments, challenges, funny skits, and traveling adventures. Please join us as we share our daily experiences.

12. The Ohana Adventure

1,400,928 subscribers
Welcome to The Ohana Adventure, WE POST DAILY VLOGS! We are a crazy family of 8; we believe in doing hard things, spontaneous adventures, laughing together, & trying new things! Here's a little about our Family; we are from Hawaii and recently moved to the mainland to explore new lands & experience all that this beautiful world has to offer. Mom - Rachel Dad - Jase Klai 13 Rykel 11 Shae 9 Wyatt 8 Evelin 6 Cora 4

13. Shot of The Yeagers

1,743,972 subscribers
The family is about appreciating the little things! I know that one day those little things will become the most important! We love to be together as a family and love capturing our memories so we can remember them forever. We are a fun family of eight. Family fun is very important to us. Jamie (Mom), Steve (Dad), Stephen (11), Taylor (9), Payton (7), Jordyn (6), Parker (2), Baby Blake and our special Bryce looking down on us from heaven. When our family fun begins so will your smile!

14. It's The Donnellys

937,035 subscribers
(Formerly Flippin' Katie), It's The Donnellys is all about growing up Donnelly! Siblings Katie (13), Brennan (15) & Ryan (11) along with Mom and Dadio love to laugh, play, travel and share our lives with you through family videos and daily vlogs...this is REAL life, REAL fun! Remember, the difference between an ordeal and an adventure is your attitude! So join us as we choose to make life an ADVENTURE!!

15. Ballinger Family

925,533 subscribers
Hi, I'm Chris! I married my high school sweetheart, Jessica. We've been together over half our lives & now have four awesome children; Bailey (10), Jacob (8), Parker (4), and Duncan (brand spanking new!). I am a magician. I made magic videos on YouTube for a company for 7 years. When I got laid off in 2014, I took a huge risk & decided to make MY OWN daily videos on YouTube full time! It has been a wonderful journey. I wrote a best-selling book with my incredible sister, Colleen Ballinger (aka Miranda Sings). I've toured the world with her & my other sister, Rachel Ballinger. I spend my days with my family!

16. That YouTub3 Family

1,568,464 subscribers
Welcome to that YouTub3 Family! We are a fun, crazy, and loving family that likes to do outrageous things together. Our kids also have their own personal channels so be sure to check them out. Audrey's (18 yrs) YouTube channel is called AllAroundAudrey. Jordan (15 yrs) channel is JustJordan33. Jake (12 yrs) and Ty (8 yrs) share a YouTube channel at Jake and Ty. Here you will find funny vlogs, crazy behind the scenes footage of our children's videos and hilarious challenges. Be sure to watch every day!

17. Slyfox Family

1,375,844 subscribers
Hi Friends! We are the Slyfox Family, we are a family of 4 doing everything we can to live each day like it's our last. We own a clothing business called Slyfox Threads. We upload videos of our life together daily! Andrew and Hannah met, found love at first engaged within 5 days of knowing each other and got married a few days after that! Andrew & Hannah have been married for 12 years! They have two children named, Jaedyn and Caspian.

18. Bonnie Hoellein

933,448 subscribers
This is a Family Vlogging Channel!