To make our life easier, we should all learn to laugh at our own mishaps and fails. But while we’re learning, why not to laugh at someone else’s fails? Let’s do it together on Best YouTube Fails Channels. Everything you’ll hear is hilarious and will make you laugh really hard. The best videos from around the world, funny and sometimes crazy. Sit back and start watching and laughing now.

1. FailArmy

13,759,336 subscribers
FailArmy is the world’s number one source for epic fail videos and hilarious compilations. We’re powered by fan submissions and feedback from all around the world, with over 30 million fans across digital platforms.

2. Break

2,928,495 subscribers
Have a great fail, prank, or win? Send us your video and get paid to be featured in our weekly compilation!

3. UhOhBro

2,170,579 subscribers
I, Onision host something similar to Buzzfeed, Reaction Time or even Looper. I'm no JacksFilms, but I do like uploading funny crazy videos. They may sometimes come daily, but for the most part, I just do what my schedule allows. I hope you love & adore the comedy & entertainment videos I throw down on this channel.

4. JukinVideo

1,748,487 subscribers
Welcome to JukinVideo, home of the best viral videos from across the world. From the hilarious to insane, to the wins and the fails, JukinVideo is the home of the best-curated videos from around the world. This is JukinVideo.

5. failblog

1,330,987 subscribers
The best (or worst) FAILS, all in one place!

6. GameFails

519,064 subscribers
The finest in video game fails submitted by you.

7. MonthlyFails

415,776 subscribers
Hi and welcome to the MonthlyFails channel! Watch for epic fails, funny videos and other crazy compilations that are coming up every week, thanks!

8. cutewinfail

212,879 subscribers
Your Daily Dose of Epicosity. Each week CuteWinFail puts three new viewer videos to the test to determine which one is cute, which one wins--and which one is just a big, old, giant fail!

9. 9GAG.TV

269,047 subscribers
Official YouTube Channel for 9GAG.TV | Videos Worth Watching |

10. twistednederland

54,346 subscribers
A new fail compilation every once in a while!!

11. Daily Fail Compilation

22,645 subscribers
Hey guys! Fails, Fails, Fails. New Fail Compilations every day! Our comps are filled with stupid stunts, videos of extreme sports gone wrong, bloopers, kids, hot girls getting owned and more!

12. The Best Fails

596,266 subscribers
Fails, Fails, Fails. New Fail Compilations every week! Our comps are filled with videos of extreme sports gone wrong, stupid stunts, bloopers, kids, hot girls and old people getting owned and more! Have an Epic Fail video, Stupid Stunt, something Gone Wrong or someone getting OWNED caught on tape? Click below to submit it and check back to see if it made it into our weekly compilations.