Do you love to draw your ideas on canvas? Or do you want to become a professional artist? Regardless of what you want, you can get some excellent insight and help on YouTube. From amateurs to professional artists, YouTube opens the doors of learning for everyone. We know that YouTube is over-crowded with channels and choosing one can be daunting. To make things easier, we have scanned top 12 YouTube Channels for drawing that enable you to learn different forms of drawing. Let’s explore!

1. Proko

899,596 subscribers
Art has many forms and if you want to learn all of them then Proko is the right channel for you. It was started by Stan Prokopenko in early 2012-2013 and since then there has been a drastic increase in the number of followers. To make his videos more professional, he uses high-quality camera and sound tools. Stan’s teaching methods are so cool that anyone can learn from them. If you find his videos useful, you can even opt for his premium courses. In his premium videos, he includes prolonged videos with more examples and review videos of many users too. You can start with his free videos and if you find it useful, there is no loss to get his premium content.

2. Sycra

657,547 subscribers
Are you learning art by yourself and looking for some guidance to become a pro? If yes, then Sycra has everything you need. This channel offers a plethora of videos covering cover drawing tutorials, live streaming, painting, to creating promotional artwork for the game. Those who are looking for some specific intro videos should definitely subscribe to this art channel for self-learning. The content of the video makes practice fun and you also get to learn about stuff like color and perspective theory.

3. Art of Wei

234,085 subscribers
If you are a newbie who is looking for specific tutorials on cartoons, portraits, facial features or anything related to art, then you should definitely subscribe to ‘Art of Wei.’ Wei shows how to draw anything easily along with step by step demonstration using graphite pencil. His channel recently hit 100k subscribers and most of his videos are 15-20 about minutes long which means you don’t have to spend a lot of time learning. Wei heavily focuses on the best shading methods, how to draw better lines, curves, how to draw chrome ball, etc.

4. Draw with Jazza

2,805,464 subscribers
Ready to join ArtyParty? If yes, then subscribe to ‘Draw with Jazza.’ On this YouTube channel, you will find all sorts of art works such as digital painting, traditional, and digital drawing techniques; from simple to ambitious animations, traditional artistic mediums, shapes and sizes and lots more. The channel is undoubtedly the best source for new artists. Jazza also hosts and judge monthly competitions on his YouTube channel and that what adds a fun element to it. The channel is more likely to collect resource and opinions recommendations. Subscribe now and enjoy learning arts from now!

5. Bobby Chiu

149,182 subscribers
Are you thinking - what is the success mantra of most artists, other than talent of course? To get the answer, view exclusive interviews of professional artists on Bobby Chiu’s channel. Bobby Chiu not only runs his own YouTube channel, but he is also one of the founding artists of Schoolism. His vlogs and demos offer latest information about the industry. He puts up new videos once every week to create a hook. The channel provides regular videos for artists who want to put some videos in the background while drawing. Although you won’t get a lot of free teaching material, if you want to gain expert insight, then do subscribe this channel.

6. Feng Zhu FZD

262,433 subscribers
FZD School of Design provides an education in entertainment design. Our courses cover a wide range of topics such as video games, feature films, theme parks, consumer products, toys, television commercials and set designs. FZD focuses heavily on the importance of fundamentals and scientific understandings. Our aim is to mold students into elite designers with a broad range of skills and graduates with top notch portfolio.

7. Alphonso Dunn

431,140 subscribers
This is a channel for self-learners who are looking to learn practical tips; this channel is good to go. From portrait drawing, urban sketching you can enjoy learning new art. On this channel, you will find a number of tips, tricks, and techniques based on the basic drawing concepts. The channel doesn’t upload videos often but you may get some videos a week and then only after 6 months. In this channel, he also elaborates on concepts like how to see what you are drawing, how to shade and how to measure.

8. Circle Line Art School

754,627 subscribers
After going through many YouTube channels, we think this is one of the most updated channels so far. Launched by Tom McPherson, he posts a new how-to-draw video every Saturday. He covers basic topics like drawing landscapes, buildings, optical illusions, and objects. This video channel is great to inspire budding artists and help them become more creative. He has compiled a list of premium courses for aspiring artists to learn from scratch. So, when you are all done with free videos you can opt for premium courses for more in-depth knowledge.

9. Drawing With Karl Gude

17,735 subscribers
This channel belongs to Karl Gude who is a former director of graphics at Newsweek magazine and presently a teacher at Michigan State University’s school of journalism. He is not only an exceptional artist, but he also uses lighthearted and humorous approach in his videos. He shows how to draw and use certain visualization software. To add an element of fun, he occasionally breaks into sudden dance. His two-point perceptive has much recognition among his subscribers. It’s nice to see someone tackle the 3-D effect while making some mental notes. He uses simple techniques and is an excellent teacher. At present his channel has only 7 videos and we hope there are more to come.

10. expertvillage

3,339,252 subscribers
Enjoy Expert Village videos? Every detail counts when you're learning-- clear picture quality videos, so you don't miss the essential information. Check out the HD quality videos our friends at eHow.com have on their YouTube channel. More eHow HD videos coming soon!

11. DoodleKat1

110,977 subscribers
If you are a beginner then don’t forget to subscribe to this channel. Precise and short videos will teach you how to draw simple cartoons in a few minutes. Interesting, isn’t it? The videos make it so easy for you to draw a cartoon that you won’t believe. Although, they are little out of focus, but yes anyone can draw them, even kids. They are short 2-3-minute tutorials done with a black marker.

12. CartoonBlock

248,150 subscribers
Evan Burse — the mind behind this channel can help anyone to become an artist who can handle a pencil and love to draw cartoon figures. You may find short videos which can be very useful for those who need inspiration and guidance. The tutorials were carried out using pencil on paper and include an array of characters like Sonic, Bart Simpson, Anakin Skywalker and Wolverine. There are also some videos of famous artists sketching which are great for inspiration.