Wondering how to do small home repairs yourself or decorate a house; restore old furniture or make new couches, tables, and chairs? Make useful things from wood or decorate the garden, create a beautiful greeting card for a friend? Then this category is for you — check out DIY on Best YouTube Channels. The videos here are made by talented amateurs who do everything themselves. They will share tips and ideas with you on improving your home, gardening, decorating, woodworking, repairing equipment, and also bring you a lot of fun and creative solutions.
Ever think about making something out of wood? You can! Woodworking for Mere Mortals is dedicated to making woodworking easy, fun and accessible. New woodworking video every Friday!

2. Household Hacker

4,600,928 subscribers
At HouseholdHacker, we solve your common everyday problems and create things utilizing items you find around your house. You might say we try to bring out the MacGyver in all of us. From kitchen hacks and tricks to getting rid of ants; we do it all.

3. Nastazsa

594,205 subscribers
Hey, my name's Nastassia and I'm a California Native. Here on this channel, I will be sharing with you my interior design tips, fun DIY videos and even some of my fashion favorites and outfits.

4. LaurDIY

7,717,444 subscribers
HI BABES! I'm Lauren, your DIY-obsessed bestie that is all about creativity, glitter & petting dogs.

5. Ann Le {Anneorshine}

1,676,761 subscribers
I love sharing my tips when it comes to creative projects, home decor, lifestyle tips, and personal style. I upload a new video every Saturday and sometime in the middle of the week! I am honored to have touched so many viewers over the years and look forward to creating many more creative videos for you! I am also grateful for the opportunities to work with brands like Target, American Express, Lionsgate, Vogue, Canon, Disney, HGTV and many many others.

6. AlishaMarie

7,344,836 subscribers
Hi! My name is Alisha Marie and I make videos here on YouTube! Anything from Pranks, DIYs, Room Decor videos, Lifestyle, Fashion, Beauty, and much more!!

7. Shelby Church

1,027,085 subscribers
Hi, I'm Shelby Church! I'm 20, live in California and on my channel you will find morning routines, night routines, DIY, expectations vs reality videos and more!

8. Sierra Furtado

2,684,189 subscribers
Soooo I'm Sierra AAAA and I like to make youtube videos about pretty much everything I love! Fashion, Makeup, Advice, DIY's and a whole lot more random stuff. Let's be friends!

9. Tanamontana100

303,577 subscribers
Hey! I'm Tana, I make DIY, Fashion, Beauty, Back To School, and Lifestyle Videos. I make creative and helpful videos to on how to have fun all year long and how to decorate your bedroom!
We created Home & Garden for Mere Mortals to empower you with the knowledge and confidence to take on home improvement, repairs, and gardening, as well as giving you fun and creative crafting and decorating ideas. You can so this stuff! For every topic we cover in a video, we know there are viewers who have valuable experience and tips to share.Together, we can help a lot of people take control of their homes and save a lot of money.

11. Arlyne Sanjines

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Hello! My name is Arlyne! I'm obsessed with teas, boba, and everything beauty related. I pretty much just laugh way too much.

12. MissRemiAshten

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Welcome to my channel! My name is Remi Cruz, and I'm 22 years old! On this channel, I post everything from DIY's to cooking tutorials, makeup and fashion videos, dance music videos, and more! I hope you guys enjoy!