Every nation has its own history, traditions, habits and, of course, its cuisine. How much new we can discover and learn about a nation by trying to cook their traditional meals. Learn the secrets of preparing food from different cuisines on Cuisines Channels. Do you want to surprise your family and friends by preparing exotic meals from Greek, Japanese, Brazilian or Italian cuisines? Then it’s time to find some fresh ideas and inspiration under Cuisines.

1. Maangchi

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Hi! I'm Maangchi! My channel is all about cooking, eating, and enjoying Korean cuisine with your family and friends. Cooking wholesome and delicious food and sharing it with loved ones is very important for me, so here you'll find the best of my best recipes. If you like food, and like sharing food with other people, we're going to be instant friends! Thank you for your interest in my recipes & take care!

2. ShowMeTheCurry

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A step-by-step and practical approach to South Asian Cooking. Great chefs are not born -- they are created through a journey of trials and errors. We love to show you how to avoid the mistakes we made. South Asian Cuisine, just like our country and culture, is very old. There are a thousand ways to make any dish. Our goal is to provide you with a well tried, tested and liked the version of different recipes, not forget easy! Never be scared to experiment and create your own version of anything. Remember the key ingredient - have fun.​

3. panlasangpinoy

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Welcome to Panlasang Pinoy! My name is Vanjo Merano. I am Filipino Information Technology professional working in the United States. As a huge fan of the Filipino way of cooking, it is my goal to share with you and rest of the world what Filipino dishes are and how they are prepared. Aside from my deep passion for cooking and my continuous craving for the distinctive Filipino taste, I was motivated to shoot videos and create a food blog because I noticed that Filipino Cuisine is so underrated. I want Filipino Foods to be noticed, known, tasted, and enjoyed by the rest of the world.

4. Alex French Guy Cooking

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My name is Alex and I am a curious self-taught home cook. I love food, I embrace cooking but honestly more than anything else I like understanding. Oh, and I like to have fun too. This channel right here is about all that.

5. ochikeron

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This channel will show you How to Cook Japanese Home Cooked Meals. Easy Japanese Food Recipes and Cooking Hacks everyone should know. Most recipes require only a few ingredients. You will learn Kawaii (cute) presentation ideas you can use Today. I started my cooking channel since 311 (Tohoku earthquake) to share beautiful Japanese food culture with you. I hope my recipes are inspiring to try out new things.

6. Get Curried

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Get Curried - The World On Your Plate. Get Curried brings to your food from around the world that you can cook in the comfort of your kitchen. So you can skip a trip to your favorite restaurant and prepare a sumptuous spread for your loved ones with Get Curried's wide range of International recipes. Subscribe & join us on this food journey!

7. Bruno Albouze

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Bruno Albouze – Executive Producer of THE REAL DEAL Cooking Channel on Youtube: A generous approach to making things simple, sometimes more complex but always delicious. "The impact goes beyond my expectations; I think people seek out real food and techniques from real pros now. Millions of viewers are enjoying it – What’s fantastic about cooking and baking is that there is no limit!”

8. Gennaro Contaldo

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Hello lovely You Tubers!! Welcome to my channel, what fun we have here on my channels! I make things so delicious and SO EASY. Every recipe is so simples to make and you will enjoy them.

9. India Food Network

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India Food Network-India's First HD Food Network is your step by step guide to simple and delicious home cooking. From regional Indian cuisine to popular dishes from around the globe, our focus is on making cooking easy. With loads of quick tips and easy tricks, these recipes are shot and produced in natural home environments so you too can cook the perfect dish right at home.

10. Easy Cooking with Sandy

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Welcome to Easy Cooking with Sandy! I am NOT a chef, I just like to cook!! Here you will find a lot of delicious and very easy to make recipes. From Mexican to Italian and Asian. You will also find a lot of very Healthy Recipes for Meat lovers or Vegetarian lovers. You will also find my favorite Cookies and very easy to make Desserts.
This channel helps you cook Vietnamese Food in the easiest, fastest and most authentic way. New video every Friday at 10 pm Vietnam Time (7 am PST) I grew up in Vietnam and spent 11 years in Singapore and Germany for higher education and work. I started this channel in 2011 in Germany and have been consistently producing new cooking tutorials for this channel every week. Since 2014 I have relocated back to live in Vietnam.

12. cookingwithalia

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Hi, I am Alia. I am from Morocco. I love to cook, eat, and travel, but most importantly, I LOVE sharing my passion with people! So join me in my kitchen, and let's bring some Flavors of Morocco to yours!

13. Felicitas Pizarro

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Welcome friends from all over the world!! My name is Felicitas Pizarro. I’m an Argentinean cook and a sommelier. I am truly passionate about my work and about life, but above all, I am absolutely passionate about cooking! In this channel, you will find delicious dishes, tips, and ideas for your kitchen. Of course, there will be trial and error, because that’s what this is all about: cooking, having fun and eating. Welcome to the magical world of my kitchen!

14. Heghineh Cooking Show

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Welcome To My Cooking Show! Hi everyone! I'm Heghineh and my channel is mostly about cooking and baking. You'll see lots of delicious and original dishes from my national Armenian cuisine and many of my personal recipes for different desserts, cakes, bread and more. New videos every Tuesday, Thursday and +. Hope you enjoy and thank you all!

15. howtocookmexicanfood

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When I worked in a supermarket years ago, I met a lot of American people the loved Mexican food, even my manager used to send me to the kitchen to cook for him, so there is where I figure out is not easy to find a good place to eat authentic food.

16. Henrys HowTos

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My name is Henry, I am 26 and a self-trained chef with over 7 years experience running restaurants. While out of the kitchen, I am an obsessed DIY enthusiast from plumbing and electrical all the way through to mechanical and carpentry. If you are in the Sydney area, feel free to visit either of my restaurants and I would be glad to give you a tour: Anais Restaurant - The Taste of Persia. Jazzveh Woodfired Pizza Cafe.

17. JapaneseCooking101

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Noriko and Yuko of Japanese Cooking 101 would like to show you how to make Japanese food at home. With easy-to-follow video recipes and ingredients, you can find anywhere, Japanese food will not be the food you only eat at restaurants!

18. nando cuca

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If you love Brazilian food like, brigadeiro, Bobó de Camarão, Pão de Queijo, Moqueca, Feijoada, this is the channel for you. Learn how to cook Brazilian Cuisine classics with designer turned chef Nando Cuca. "Hi, I'm Nando Cuca (aka Fernando Farah), a Brazilian designer who moved to London (UK) in 1989 to study and sorta just stayed... and stayed... and stayed. To tell the truth, I was never that keen on cooking in Rio, where I was born. I always had a great array of great cooks around me to keep me very happy with what landed on the table. But I did appreciate their craft and, after I moved to the UK I started to experiment with Brazilian Cooking and research into it every time I went back home."