Believe it or not, but sadly, crimes committed in the modern world are sometimes much crueler than what well-known masters of crime fiction as Agatha Christie, Edgar Allan Poe or Sir Arthur Conan Doyle described in their books. The video collection on Crime Channels presents the most intricate stories about real crimes and unsolved mysteries, cruel murders and missing people, documentaries about serial killers and the most famous criminal trials in history, criminal talk shows and methodologies and tools modern detectives use. All that and more on Best YouTube Crime Channels!

1. Criminally Listed

330,600 subscribers
Criminally Listed is a Canadian-based YouTube channel for fans of true crime. Every Thursday and Sunday we strive to bring you the most interesting true crime stories and unsolved mysteries that you've never heard of before.

2. BuzzFeedBlue

8,195,274 subscribers
Sports, video games, Unsolved & more epic daily videos!

3. Rob Dyke

2,754,175 subscribers
My name is Rob Dyke and I work every day to bring my audience a unique new experience! My channel is different because it contains both COMEDY and TRAGEDY! We have a lot of laughs with "WHY WOULD YOU PUT THAT ON THE INTERNET?", a series that examines the hilarity and absurdity of what some people choose to put online. WEDNESDAY ► The creepiest day of the week, because this is the day we upload SERIOUSLY STRANGE, a series that covers the bizarre, unbelievable, and horrific things about the world around us. SUNDAY ► Sundays are especially dark with ANATOMY OF MURDER, a show that dives deep into the details of gruesome murders throughout history.

4. Cayleigh Elise

346,368 subscribers
Hey there, internet friends! I'm Cayleigh and every week I provide videos that cover anything from unsolved mysteries, to urban legends and folklore, to the paranormal and supernatural, to just about anything creepy, dark, or weird you can think of. Stick around, and I guarantee we'll have a good, old-fashioned creepy time.

5. Crime Watch Daily

847,079 subscribers
Emmy® award-winning Crime Watch Daily with Chris Hansen is the very first crime show to air in daytime syndication and receive Daytime Emmy® nominations in both its inaugural and second years. Anchored from the streets of New York City and led by renowned veteran journalist Chris Hansen, Crime Watch Daily delivers in-depth true crime sagas showcasing the very best of crime journalism. From unsolved murders to compelling mysteries, undercover investigations and shocking crimes caught on camera, the series brings stories from small towns across America to national attention.

6. Real Stories

1,471,691 subscribers
Welcome to Real Stories, the home of award-winning and compelling documentaries you need to see. We will be uploading at least four full-length documentaries a week from the best documentary producers on the planet.

7. Serial Killers Documentaries

187,393 subscribers
The only channel you need if you are looking for serial killer documentaries.

8. Kendall Rae

808,176 subscribers
HEY! My name is Kendall Rae! Welcome to my channel! This channel is all about free thinking, interesting topics, true crime, unsolved mysteries, politics, world travel, space and ocean exploration, history, astrology, strange incidents/phenomenon and a little paranormal activity: basically, I like to make people think! Everyone is welcome on this channel... as long as you are open-minded.

9. FilmRise True Crime

106,552 subscribers
FilmRise True Crime features the best in true crime television series and documentaries, including the hit series "Forensic Files" from truTV and "Women Behind Bars" from We-TV. Coming soon: "The FBI Files" and "New Detectives"!

10. Uncle Abner

63,503 subscribers
Old school true crime videos.

11. LordanARTS

56,522 subscribers
Missing people, unsolved mysteries, media reviews and more! New content Monday through Friday.

12. TheLipTV

317,801 subscribers
TheLipTV is independent media that offers news, interviews, and insight from a full spectrum of perspectives presented uncensored in short and long form videos. From fresh news to looks ahead at the films and stories that people will be talking about for years to come.

13. Lazy Masquerade

645,026 subscribers
The Best Things Happen in the Dark.

14. LadyJustice2188

62,703 subscribers
Covering current trial's that take you into the courtrooms of some of the country's most captivating criminal trials! Join other's to discuss and express your opinions.

15. Morbid Minds

11,145 subscribers
Morbid Minds is a Youtube channel and production team, dedicated to delivering thrilling productions focusing on True Crime, Horror & Morbid Curiosities.