Computing & Networks
If you want to have a better understanding of computing & networks or are simply interested in the subject, check out the channels under the Computing & Networks category on Best YouTube Channels. Cool video classes for studying computer networks and computers, network technologies, the basics of network interaction along with schemes and drawings will help you understand the basics, expand your knowledge and even succeed in your IT career should you decide to go this route. Join today!

1. Eli the Computer Guy ​

896,976 subscribers
“Eli the Computer Guy” is one of my favorite tech experts on Youtube and his networking tutorials are awesome. I think this one is the best computer networking video tutorial on the internet for beginners. If you want to learn the fundamentals of networking, you should definitely watch it. This course lasts more than 18 hours and there are 29 videos in it.​

2. Computerphile

1,071,602 subscribers
Videos all about computers and computer stuff. Sister channel of Numberphile.

3. NetworKing

164,753 subscribers
CCNA is a certification program for entry-level network engineers. If you want to learn computer networking and want to have CCNA certificate, these video tutorials are great for you. Imran Rafai offers free computer networking tutorials that break down the learning process into simple to follow steps. There are total 17 videos about computer networking (for now) and you can complete these tutorials in less than 30 days.

4. thenewboston

1,972,947 subscribers
Tons of sweet computer-related tutorials and some other awesome videos too!
Ravindra Babu Ravula holds a masters degree in computer science and he gives lessons about computer networking. If you want to prepare for various exams about networking, his video tutorials can be very helpful for you.

6. Network Kings

62,515 subscribers
NETWORK KINGS is going to make a centralized placement cell from which students will be greatly benefited. Students who enroll in more than one of our courses will benefit from our career services.

7. Network Engineer Academy

30,678 subscribers
This Channel will prevent you from making the common mistakes most "I.T Engineer" make, and this valuable information advice base on these "3 Reasons" could save TONS of time. Once you realize this information, you'll be liberated from frustration, from uncertainty, and from outright boredom--to self-awareness, certainty, and empower to accelerate your I.T Career.

8. Nicholas Andre

15,318 subscribers
This channel to follow for computer networks concepts.

9. URDUIT Academy

23,112 subscribers
Welcome to Urdu IT Academy Channel, UITA believes in Free Education for All. We are recording different certification focused computer based training in the Urdu language.

10. Arista Networks

2,387 subscribers
.Welcome to the Arista Networks Youtube Channel! Lecture on the computer network

11. NetworkChuck

30,060 subscribers
This is Network Chuck. All things networking, VOIP and whatever else comes my way. Cisco tutorials, CUCM, switches, routers....everything.

12. J Kenneth Lim

3,471 subscribers
Production and Animation. It's better to explore and learn. When you see more videos you will have a wider understanding.