The more you laugh the longer you live. Trust us on this one. And the funniest people in the world who will make you laugh in the blink of an eye are all here on Best YouTube Comedians Channels. Well-known comedians and amateur comedians who do not just make jokes, but raise real problems and make you forget about them and make them look funny. We hope that the videos in this category will bring joy to your life and make it a little bit easier. Give them a try!

1. nigahiga

20,916,449 subscribers
Ryan Higa, known as nigahiga, is a comedian and actor who rose to YouTube fame with his “How To Be” series, which mimics popular stereotypes about what it means to be emo or gangster. Higa has had a couple of his videos taken down for copyright issues, but he continues to lead the comedic scene on YouTube.

2. Smosh

23,040,329 subscribers
Watch new videos from SMOSH: Alt WEDNESDAYS – Every [Blank] Ever / The Big What If. FRIDAYS – SMOSH Sketches.

3. PewDiePie

62,924,150 subscribers
Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, better known as PewDiePie, is a Swedish-based video game review and vlogger. He’s had YouTube’s most-subscribed-to channel since December 2013 and has been named one of Time’s Most Influential People in 2016.

4. Shane Dawson TV

8,264,407 subscribers
Film & Television Agent.

5. Epic Rap Battles (ERB)

14,288,552 subscribers
The Epic Rap Battles of History is a video series created by Nice Peter, epicLLOYD, Dave McCary, and Maker Studios.

6. JennaMarbles

18,107,072 subscribers
I make new videos here every Wednesday and make vlogs during my majestical daily life. JennaMarbles

7. TheFineBros

17,300,321 subscribers
Fine Brothers Entertainment brings you the stuff you want to talk more about, from our award-winning REACT series to shows across scripted, unscripted, animation, interactive, sketch comedy, and more. FBI makes originals for TV, the web, and everything in between. For newcomers, we’ve been making some of the web’s most popular series on this channel and across the web for over a decade!

8. Hoiitsroi

10,441,731 subscribers
They are actually wasabi productions. They are hilarious cause they act! Roy acts as Rolanda and Alex act as Richard and both himself. They always make my day. Not only are they funny, but they are also kind, helpful, cute and handsome. They give challenges to themselves and their mission is to MAKE OTHERS LAUGH! AWESOME they are again like me they also do tons of challenges and you should watch Rolanda and Richard.

9. Tobuscus

6,262,550 subscribers
Welcome to Tobuscus - the channel whose name is so epic, simply hearing it uttered maybe cause some members of the elderly to faint. Check out my parodies, and my cartoon Tobuscus Adventures - it's my favorite. Also check out my songs: I Can Swing My Sword, Safety Torch, Dramatic Song, Nugget In A Biscuit, and The Mini-Minotaur Song!

10. Bo Burnham

1,433,891 subscribers
Bo Burnham is excellent! He may not be a youtube star anymore because he is an actual performing star now but he is the best. He is witty and you never know what is coming with him. He is so theatrical and unpredictable that he has ruined my ability to enjoy other comics, they're not as original. One of the smartest people on the face of the earth! He's a genius and his songs are layered and prepared for those with an open mind, he's got amazing wit and he's a cool guy. Listen to Words, Words, Words, and if you understand half the jokes, you'll know, Bo is the greatest rapper ever.

11. penguinz0

2,348,045 subscribers
Cr1tiKal (Penguinz0) is easily the funniest guy on earth. He is a commentator and will bring a smile to your face with every video.

12. Comedy Central UK

800,905 subscribers
The official home of Comedy Central UK & Ireland on YouTube. Forget those other novelty channels named after random people, we give you the best new shows being made like 30 Rock, Two and a Half Men, Anger Management, Tosh.0, The Office and our very own Threesome.