Looking for inspiration? Feeling exhausted? A cup of delicious, aromatic coffee will help you reboot and solve your problems! Join the community of coffeemakers on Best YouTube Coffee Channels and find out more about this magical beverage! Professional baristas will tell you everything about the grades, types, and blends of coffee, share roasting tricks, offer reviews of espresso machines, french presses, share techniques for a perfect pour-over and, of course, demo their skills of creating fantastic drawings in a latte cup.

1. Dritan Alsela

143,941 subscribers
Hey guys, I'm Dritan Alsela. Welcome to my Youtube Channel, on which I'm sharing my experiences as a Barista. I welcome you to join the conversation and share your experiences with me. I'm working as a Barista for more than 19 years. I own a Café, a Barista school and a Roastery in Düsseldorf, Germany. When not back home, I travel around the world on my coffee mission to teach, coach and share my experiences with other coffee lovers and friends.

2. Whole Latte Love

131,397 subscribers
We want to help you find the perfect espresso machine to suit your needs. Check out our comparison videos and playlists such as "Learn About Espresso Machines" to help guide your buying decision or perfect your home barista skills! Our channel videos include espresso machine reviews, tech help, maintenance tips, coffee recipes, and much more!

3. coffeefusion

27,225 subscribers
An Australian coffee community and coffee school with a focus on helping people to make coffee at home.

4. European Coffee Trip

15,449 subscribers
We are sharing stories from the specialty coffee culture in Europe and beyond. We explore the world of third wave coffee by visiting the best cafes we can find and share the tips and tricks on how to brew better coffee at home.

5. Seattle Coffee Gear

119,802 subscribers
Make coffee you love! That's our motto here. Our channel features espresso machine reviews, tech help, coffee brewing tips and tricks, maintenance help and so much more! All with the goal to help you make a better cup of coffee. We practically test, review, explore, experiment and have fun with coffee and espresso.

6. Sweet Maria's Coffee

12,890 subscribers
located in swank west Oakland, sweet maria's in yet another crass commercial enterprise hawking green coffee and home roasting equipment.


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OUR MISSION: To deliver exceptional French Press Coffee experience with the personal touch, highest-quality tools, friendliest staff and best value.

8. Costa Coffee

7,618 subscribers
The official YouTube channel for Costa Coffee

9. sumpcoffee

9,167 subscribers
Sump Coffee is a Coffee shop in South City Saint Louis.

10. RealChrisBaca

17,991 subscribers
My name is Chris Baca. I'm a professional barista, coffee roaster, and Specialty Coffee lifer. I am a co-owner of Cat & Cloud Coffee and am a Specialty Coffee information pusher via the Cat & Cloud Coffee Podcast. I have a passion for education and do some extracurricular teaching at some of the Specialty Coffee Association of Americas barista camps and expos.


21,358 subscribers
Hey, friends of coffee on this channel you will find many tips, tricks, and tutorials about: Coffee Latte Art ( Coffee Art ) Food and many more!

12. Barista Kim

8,530 subscribers
Hello, welcome to Barista Kim channel!