Alcoholic or non-alcoholic, cocktails are so tasty. Even hearing the word "cocktail" makes many people feel thirsty. Make cocktails at home with the help of professional bartenders under Cocktails. From the videos in this category, you will learn about the history of cocktails, cocktail making techniques, tools and glasses you need to make your cocktails taste and look perfect. You’ll find tons of recipes and video tutorials here as well. Let’s have fun together on the Cocktails channels!

1. Tipsy Bartender

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We show you the most creative cocktails and booze-infused treats in the world! Having a party? These recipes will definitely impress!

2. Jamie Oliver's Drinks Tube

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The best cocktails, from the best bartenders from around the world.

3. Common Man Cocktails

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We are simplifying the art of the craft cocktail, making great tasting drinks without pretension and suits, common man style. Our goal isn't to teach you everything there is about cocktails, it's about sparking an interest in cocktails so you will be excited to further your own education and become a great cocktail creator for the next generation of drinkers. New episodes at least three times a week!

4. Small Screen Drinks

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Small Screen Drinks delivers beautifully crafted videos about cocktails, bartending and mixology each and every week. With hundreds of videos featuring cocktail luminaries such as Robert Hess, Jamie Boudreau, Kathy Casey, Charlotte Voisey, Jeffrey Morgenthaler, Dave Stolte and more, Small Screen has become a go-to source for people interested in enjoying great food, drink, and life since 2007.


51,019 subscribers is the inspiring digital publication dedicated to good drinking and great living. The right cocktail at the right time; home-entertaining advice; essential recipes and indispensable spirits; the people and places that matter now.

6. DrinkLab Cocktail Recipes

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Welcome to Drink Lab the place to learn how to make some of the best Cocktails and Drinks at home. Drink Lab is for you. We have how-to videos for making Cocktail Recipes, Shot Recipes, smoothies plus much more! Also be sure you will like thousands of other cocktail recipes and drink recipes perfect to get your party started at home.


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BAR TIMES ORIGINAL MOVIE. Best cocktails recipes.

8. How To Drink

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How to Drink is a show about making drinks and how to drink them. I hope you like the show!

9. Distinguished Spirits

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Making great cocktails at home for amateurs, enthusiasts and everyone in between. I'm a home-bartending enthusiast, but I've never worked in a bar. My focus is usually on how to make great drinks at home. This includes classics, forgotten drinks, modern drinks and occasionally some originals. I also do episodes on how to make some DIY syrups, liqueurs, punches, etc, in a segment called Booze in the Kitchen. There are also a couple episodes of drinks that are similar to ones Bond had or were inspired by Bond.

10. A Bar Above

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Everyone should be able to make a great drink - and we're here to help! Our videos focus on: - DIY Cocktail Ingredients and Techniques - Making better drinks, faster and easier - Understanding balance in cocktails and how to achieve it

11. Better Cocktails at Home

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Our goal is to advance the art of the cocktail at home through beautiful, smart videos. Brian Johnson covers technique, history, classic cocktails, modern cocktails, and original cocktails with weekly videos. You should never let a lack of knowledge stop you from drinking better cocktails at home! Join us as we explore the world of cocktails every Friday.

12. The Cocktail Dudes

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Watch the Cocktaildudes create a classic, contemporary, and original cocktails.