Climbing and rock climbing are probably the most romantic, exciting and at the same time dangerous sports. If you decide to start conquering the peaks, watch the videos on Climbing Channels. Before you dive into the world of mountaineering and rock climbing, learn everything about the methods and equipment used, climbing walls, training, and competitions, about bouldering, tracks and mountain ranges.

1. James Kingston

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I travel the globe climbing some of the worlds tallest structures!

2. on the roofs

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Throw away your brilliant career and start living!

3. DyingLlama

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A collection of reckless attempts on this building. Definitely the sickest video I've made so far. This place was sketched of. I'm just glad I'm done with it.

4. EpicTV Climbing Daily

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The ONLY place for all your climbing news. Check-in EVERY DAY for all the latest in sport, trad, ice climbing, bouldering, and mountaineering.

5. Eric Karlsson Bouldering

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My name is Eric Karlsson, welcome to my Youtube Channel! I started this channel after watching all the climbing videos I could find, realizing that I had seen pretty much all the climbing videos that existed. I figured others must be in the same position as me, so I decided to create more climbing videos for the community. To share the stories of the people in my community, and hoping to inspire others to do the same.

6. Mani the Monkey

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Climbing, Adventure, Self-Improvement. Basically a Dude with a Camera.

7. Petzl Sport

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Petzl invents products and provides solutions that allow sports enthusiasts and professionals to access the most inaccessible places, both day and night. You can find here videos about mountaineering, ice climbing, caving, canyoning, bouldering, aid climbing, trail running and cutting edge climbing.

8. RockClimbTips

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All the Rock Climbing Techniques you need to be a better climber today. Get more rock climbing tips and videos by signing up free at All members get a free Rock Climbing Training Video Series: Top 5 Climbing Mistakes.


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REEL ROCK is the world's biggest platform for climbing films, encompassing an annual tour with 500 screenings each fall, a TV series that reaches 20 million homes, DVD and HD Downloads, and premium online content.
World Up...Keep Climbing! Climbing is one of the basic human movements. Probably one of the reasons why it attracts so many young people who can find in the three disciplines (Speed, Lead, and Bouldering) which best fits their personalities. More than twenty-five million people from all around the Globe climb regularly outdoors and almost 3,000 people try climbing for the first time every day

11. Sharma Channel

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A channel for sharing Chris' passion for climbing and his experiences among the walls. Come in and enjoy it.

12. Day in Nature

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We're two nerds video makers who are crazy about climbing, science, nutrition and unknown world.