Children`s literature
The best children's books, short stories, and fairy tales — all here in Children's Literature! The authors of the videos on the Children`s Literature channels who are parents, teachers and writers, open up a tremendous world of literature to children, contribute to their development, help them develop this great habit of reading, and discuss tons of funny, inspirational, entertaining and educational literature. Children`s Literature is an excellent collection of channels for the entire family. Join today and the contents won’t disappoint you.

1. Storybook Nanny

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Kids book read aloud is Storybook Nanny’s specialty. Books read aloud can help children as they learn to read books themselves. Reading for kids is very important, especially as so many other things compete for their attention. Storybooks help capture children’s imagination and keep them excited while they read along with us. Book reading for kids is a good resource for parents to help capture their attention while they are first starting out or when parents can’t read books aloud themselves.

2. HarperKids

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We're HarperCollins Children's Books and we're all about stories that young minds never forget. Whether for preschooler, tweens or teens, we're home to the likes of Shel Silverstein, C.S. Lewis, Maurice Sendak, Beverly Cleary, Neil Gaiman, The Berenstain Bears, Fancy Nancy, Divergent series, The Selection series, Red Queen series and much more.

3. Miss Yumi

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Welcome to Storytime with Miss Yumi! Miss Yumi has been a preschool teacher for over 10 years. She loves reading books to her children and she is now sharing her love of books and reading with the YouTube community. Her storytelling includes creating voices, using different intonations, and incorporating props to make books exciting for youngsters. Every week Miss Yumi will read her favorite children’s books. If you have a book recommendation, please let her know!

4. KidTimeStoryTime

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The finest children's stories performed with love, pep & puppets for kids & ageless grown-ups who enjoy funny, helpful, inspiring, educational & magical books. So you can grow smarter, stronger & more thoughtful. We also pride ourselves on reading not-your-usual books, so you can discover fresh, new authors! Wishing you sweet dreams & happy endings ~ Your StoryTeller

5. Special Books by Special Kids

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I travel around and interview humans with a diagnosis. This vlog started as a Facebook page in a special education classroom with interviews of my students. It soon evolved into interviews with people of all conditions and ages from around the 🌎. We currently have a following of 1.5 million on FB. I recently started posting longer videos here on YouTube. It is my goal to help promote inclusion and diversity.
We read children's books aloud to kids

7. ReadToMeDad

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I am a dad convinced that few things I can do for my children will open more doors for them in life than helping them become readers, and I'm convinced nothing does this like reading good books with them early and often. Before they can even begin to learn to read independently, there's just no better way to stir their imagination, develop their vocabulary and other language skills, and hopefully kindle a lifelong love affair with learning. Of course, nothing beats the real-life experience of cuddling up with Mom or Dad and a good book, but for a variety of reasons that just isn't always possible. My hope for this channel is that fellow parents would come to trust it so much as to truly regard it as the next-best thing for their children. So find a good book, get comfortable, and let's read!!!!

8. Nana's Story Time

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Snuggle up with Nana for Story Time. Wholesome family entertainment designed to teach and share the love of books and reading with young readers.

9. Story Time With Erin

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I read & discuss children's books to help promote early literacy and a love of books! I have different playlists that focus on things like family, school, friendship and different holidays, so be sure to check them out! I am also always looking for book recommendations, so please feel free to leave a comment telling me about your favorite book!
Inspiring a lifelong love of reading. Discover new and classic books for children and young adults, gift editions for special occasions and the best children's writers.
Welcome to Katie's Bookshelf! With 33 song/story time favorites to choose from, there's sure to be something for everyone! New videos are being added on a weekly basis to keep the library fresh and exciting. When your child listens to and follows along with Katie, they're being exposed to classic stories and rhymes. They're also hearing the correct pronunciation of the words, as well as the appropriate expression for each and every sentence of the story! New Rhyme Time videos give your little one a chance to not only hear a Mother Goose Nursery Rhyme but to sing it as well! We hope you enjoy!​

12. StoryTimeWithMsBecky

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Join StoryTimeWithMsBecky, along with her co-host Bear, and listen to Ms. Becky read your favorite children's’ books! StoryTimewithMsBecky is the best place for Storytime Reading with Thought! Our Goal: Encourage children to think one book, one question at a time! Through Bear, Ms. Becky poses brief questions before and after to encourage careful reading of the story. For Book and toy videos for 3 - 10 delivered by a Certified Teacher! Ms. Becky videos are created for family fun; children learn colors, numbers, letters, spelling, sorting, shapes and more!