Book Marketing
Have you ever asked yourself why some literary works become bestsellers while others, at least equally interesting and inspiring, don’t? The truth is, most of the time it all comes down to advertising and marketing approach. If you want to become a world-famous author and dispel the myth of a "starving artist", listen to the recommendations on these Best YouTube Book Marketing Channels. Book publishers and marketers will answer all the questions you might have, they’ll cover everything from advice on effective writing techniques to best marketing tips and practices of the publishing business.

1. The Creative Penn

21,541 subscribers
This channel is all about helping authors by sharing what I am learning on my own journey. I started writing and self-publishing in 2008 before the Kindle and ebooks took off. I made lots of mistakes and learned about marketing and the business of being an author along the way.

2. Tom Corson-Knowles

9,607 subscribers
TCK Publishing is a traditional book publishing company that provides world-class training for writers and authors on writing, marketing, publishing, and personal development. If you're interested in becoming a full-time writer or author, we can help you turn your passion for words into a profitable, life-long career that you will absolutely love. Our mission is to empower you to become successful in every area of your life so you can achieve your dreams and bust the "starving artist" myth once and for all.

3. Author Learning Center

2,443 subscribers
The Author Learning Center has everything writers needs – from writing tips to marketing tools to an online support network - to reach their writing, publishing and marketing goals. Drawing from the experience and resources of Author Solutions, LLC - the world's leading indie book publisher - the Author Learning Center offers a unique combination of resources through a single source.

4. Chris Fox

22,028 subscribers
I'm the best selling author of 5,000 Words Per Hour, Write to Market, and numerous science fiction, fantasy, and thriller novels. Every Friday I release a video for authors discussing marketing, craft, and the business of publishing.

5. thelifeofawriter

8,291 subscribers
The Life Of A Writer channel is dedicated to aspiring writers looking for tips for writing a good book. I cover it all here: writing tips for beginners, book marketing tips, and more. I pride myself on providing simple to follow advice. If you're tired of spinning your wheels you've come to the right place.

6. Smashwords

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The official channel for Smashwords tutorial videos. Managed by the Smashwords team.

7. TheRealBookgal

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Penny Sansevieri is a recognized international leader in book marketing. Listen to her advice and start selling more books.
Book Marketing - Book Publicity - Book Promotion - Author Promotion: From New York Times bestsellers to first time self-published authors, Smith Publicity has worked with books of every genre and has an unmatched record of media placements. Focusing on meaningful media opportunities - such as radio and TV interviews, newspaper and magazines articles, reviews, and feature stories, and online exposure on news sites, podcasts and special interest sites, Smith Publicity gets authors the kind of exposure that sparks book sales, effectively brands authors, and creates additional opportunities.

9. John Kremer

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John Kremer, the author of 1001 Ways to Market Your Books and Book Marketing Magic, is the Book Promotion Expert. I will share more book marketing videos soon.