Are you passionate about biology or preparing for an exam? Let the videos on Best YouTube Biology Channels help you and become your personal assistant. Teachers and well-known professors in the field of biology will offer you interesting and informative lectures, talk about methods of studying biology, teach you how to solve complex problems and quickly memorize terminology. Learn easily with Best YouTube Biology Channels!

1. Bozeman Science

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Paul has provided training for thousands of students, teachers, administrators, and professors around the world. Paul’s specialties include the Next Generation Science Standards, educational technology, the flipped classroom, and effective classroom design. Paul enjoys providing meaningful professional development that can be applied immediately in the classroom. In addition to his work as a trainer, Paul is an accomplished keynote speaker. When he is not working Paul enjoys spending time with family skiing and hiking in the mountains of Montana.

2. Shomu's Biology

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Hi, this is Suman Bhattacharjee from Shomu’s Biology and this is an online biology channel about free online courses in biology and free online biology lectures covering multiple biology fields like marine biology, molecular biology, biotechnology, ecology, forensic science, zoology, life science, synthetic biology, translation biology and so on. If you are a biology major student or studying in high school biology or a college undergraduate in life sciences, this channel is just for you to serve you all the different topics in biology with free lectures and free online biology classes including lecture materials.

3. Stated Clearly

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Bringing a love of science to the world.

4. Interactive Biology

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Many People struggle with Biology. I try to make it EASIER and FUN.

5. Armando Hasudungan

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Hello, My name is Armando! I am a recently graduated medical student, and currently in my intern year~ I make these videos cause I enjoy art and science. I'm not saying in 100% correct in all my videos. But I do try to obtain the information from credible sources. I hope you enjoy them!

6. Biomentors Classes Online

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Dr. Geetendra Singh is an eminent lecturer in competitive Botany & Zoology (NEET - AIIMS -JIPMER-BHU- other Medical entrance examinations). He developed a special interest in Biology during his PMT preparation days. He innovates various teaching techniques for Botany & Zoology. He is one of the famous lecturers of Biology in Medical entrance examinations.


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HI THIS IS DR. S.K.SINGH ( MBBS ) here I can help you provides Health awareness, Health Tips & Health related issues. I can also provide proper guidance and lecture videoes which really help out to crack NEET AND AIIMS medical entrance exams.

8. City Of Biology

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Welcome to "the CITY OF BIOLOGY" - A channel on LIFE SCIENCES & ALL BIOLOGICAL CONCEPTS. I’m an MBBS doctor and a passionate BIOLOGY faculty. If you find that your life sometimes revolves around TOPICS of BIOLOGICAL SIGNIFICANCE you’re in the right place. I have started to document my knowledge and experience through YouTube. It serves as a place for me to share my thoughts on 1 ) premedical studies, admissions, med college life, education, and healthcare. 2 ) process of preparing for medical college and how to best approach it. 3 ) Conceptual lectures & Learning tricks in Class XI & XII Biology chapters. 4 ) to explain molecular, cellular and physiological mechanisms of daily biological activities of our life.
This channel is made by me(Vipin Kumar Sharma)- a biological sciences enthusiast. I am trying to share my knowledge that I've acquired to date among the students who want to learn biology.

10. Beverly Biology

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My name is Kyle Kobe. I have been a biology teacher since graduating college in 1999. Since 2004, I have been a biology teacher at Beverly Hills High School. These biology videos are a collection of PowerPoint presentations that I use in my biology classes at Beverly Hills High School. The content in these videos is taught mainly to the 9th/10th-grade level. So whether you are a student of mine, a student elsewhere, or simply curious about the life sciences, I hope you find these resources helpful.

11. Alex Lee

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I've created videos for the entire IB Biology SL and HL syllabus that I teach including Options A, D, and E. I have used the powerpoints, notebooks, and other visuals that I normally use in my class and I hope they help in your understanding of the topics. Focus on the BIG PICTURE of biology and you will see how a few major themes run through this amazing field of science. Good luck with your studies and let me know if there is anything that I can do to help you along.

12. Vincent Racaniello

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I want to be Earth's virology Professor, and this YouTube channel is one way I'm doing that. Here you will find videos from my virology lectures at Columbia University, from my science, show This Week in Virology and This Week in Microbiology, and interviews that I've done with microbiologists. Subscribe and stay tuned for future awesome science content.