One of the most popular games in the world — billiards — has a lot to offer, it’s not only competition, excitement, tactics, and strategy — it is, first of all, about the style. From the interior of the billiard rooms to the gear and the movements the players make. Fans of billiards and those for whom it is not just a game, but more of a lifestyle, we invite you to explore the Best YouTube Billiards Channels! Experienced players and real pros will share useful tips and tricks, talk about playing pool and snooker, talk about the techniques they use in different situations, and even recommend free training videos and tutorials.

1. DrDaveBilliards

82,016 subscribers
Billiards and pool instruction, high-speed video, engineering and physics demonstrations, etc.

2. BrandonBilliardGuy

47,356 subscribers
I'm Brandon Gramse. I shoot a weekly video blog that covers pool playing tips, tricks, and techniques. I also post video reviews of each of the cues I sell on my website.

3. BClub

31,835 subscribers
WELCOME to Billiard Club Network, pool's #1 Channel online and on TV worldwide. BCn provides the purest programming in the sport of pocket billiards. We are a pool!


28,069 subscribers
Welcome to Point Of View Pool! 90% of the videos on this channel are all produced and directed by us. We take pride in only posting our original footage. Watch coverage of live-streamed pool action, videotaped at some of the best billiard venues in the U.S.

5. CueSports International

33,276 subscribers
This is probably the highest quality stream online right now for free. They put in a lot of work into video quality and commentating in their videos.

6. Venom Trickshots

546,908 subscribers
A new era in the artistic pool is emerging and VENOM TRICKSHOTS is at the forefront of this transformation. Introducing Florian 'VENOM' Kohler, the Internet sensation that is redefining the sport through his creativity and innovation.

7. InsidePOOLmag

54,864 subscribers
Billiard instruction, sick pool trick shots, pool lessons, full-length matches and more. Weekly uploads.

8. TheActionReport

9,457 subscribers
The Action Report is a website designed to bring all aspects of the high-level pool to the fans.

9. Dupree Trickshots

49,568 subscribers
A 12-year-old Artistic Pool Player defying physics with his amazing trick shots.

10. propoolinfo

28,316 subscribers
Welcome to youtube channel. There are various pool stuff here: old and classic matches, Chinese 8-ball, modern pool and so on.

11. billiard chanel amazing

26,380 subscribers
Follow this channel to watch the latest videos on billiard championship featuring Efren Reyes

12. batang tirador

21,358 subscribers
Batang Tirador - a channel dedicated to young Filipino rising stars of pool/billiards.