For those of you who love one of the oldest and most popular beverages around the globe, the Beer category on Best YouTube Channels has a lot to offer. Everything you always wanted to know about beer explained by amateur and professional brewers, tons of video reviews of all sorts of beers, beer traditions and beer festivals, the history of beer and tips on how to set up your own small brewery at home of brewing, interviews with world-famous beer makers and more. Check it out.

1. The Craft Beer Channel

53,528 subscribers
Welcome to the Craft Beer Channel. Join Jonny and the Brad every Wednesday as we travel the world to discover the best craft beers, brew collaborations with breweries, cook or match food with beer, teach you to homebrew and generally geek out about craft beer. When we say craft we mean good stuff, made with care by passionate people. We don't mean small batch, we don't mean independent, we don't mean keg or cask. We just mean GOOD BEER.

2. Beer Geek Nation

42,231 subscribers
Welcome to Beer Geek Nation! On this channel, we focus on the art and beauty of craft beer. You will find beer reviews, homebrewing hot to videos, interviews with craft beer luminaries and brewery tours.

3. The Master of Hoppets

8,330 subscribers
Welcome to The Master of Hoppets! I am a Danish guy, who enjoys good beer, food and heavy metal. On my youtube channel, i review beers to guide you on which beers to try, and which stay away from. I also do interviews with people in the industry, cooking videos, On The Road vlogs at breweries, festivals etc. I hope you'll enjoy my content. Cheers!

4. Real Ale Craft Beer

21,988 subscribers
Real Ale Craft Beer is a channel for Real Ale & Craft Beer lovers around the world. From stouts to IPA's to everything else craft deer. For your daily Craft Beer Reviews Tune in now.

5. DJs BrewTube

5,785 subscribers
At DJs BrewTube we keep it fun, fast-paced and simple. DJs BrewTube features: Craft Beer Reviews Vintage Beer Reviews Mixology Home Brew Fun Soda / Soft Drink Reviews Snack Food Reviews On Location / Live Craft Beer Events Epic Beer Night Bottle Shares

6. Gregsbeerreviews

28,214 subscribers
Beer Reviews

7. Craft BeerTemple

2,248 subscribers
This channel is dedicated to the video podcast of The Beer Temple. I hope to teach people (myself included) about beer in a fun, informal, and interactive way. Thanks for checking us out!

8. ChopAndBrew

21,414 subscribers
Chop & Brew is a blog and web show about life's great food and fermentation. A large focus will be on homebrewing of all sorts -- extract, partial mash, BIAB, and all-grain; ales, lagers, and experimental brews. We'll also feature and highlight other home fermentations such as wine, mead, sake, and kombucha. We'll also talk about cooking, barbecuing, grilling, roasting, smoking, curing, freezing — and the spaces wherein food and fermentation meet.

9. Darwin's Beer Reviews

4,908 subscribers
This channel is dedicated to reviewing craft beers. My name is Darwin and I am a Certified Cicerone®, or similar to a beer "sommelier."

10. TheBeerDiaries

7,892 subscribers
Welcome to The Beer Diaries, a project dedicated to the Promotion and Celebration of Craft Beer. Greg Zeschuk and Mike Mann, the founders of The Beer Diaries introduce the various shows and technologies we create!

11. Craft Beer Lady

1,979 subscribers
Welcome to Mrs. Real Ale Guide. Here you will find reviews of many different types of beers including Stouts, Porters, IPA's, Pale Ales and world beers.

12. Massive Beer Reviews

4,643 subscribers
Massive Beer Reviews is a youtube beer review, brewery, and culture show based out of Northeastern PA. With almost 20 years in the craft beer game, we aim to cover all styles but pull no punches when it comes to our opinions on the beers we cover.