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High-end fashion photography, fashion and make-up classes, behind-the-scenes movie production, celebrities, weeks of haute couture, interviews with the most famous fashion designers, events from red carpets and much more in Beaty & Fashion. Stay on trend with these channels that we hand-pick for you.


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Designer, visionary, artist, Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel reinvented fashion by transcending its conventions, creating an uncomplicated luxury that changed women's lives forever. She followed no rules, epitomizing the very modern values of freedom, passion and feminine elegance.

2. FashionByAlly

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Hi, I'm Ally! I share creative life hacks, DIY tutorials, and healthy lifestyle videos. The goal of my channel is to empower women with body confidence tips and to inspire a happy and healthy lifestyle. I upload every Tuesday and Sunday! Welcome to my YouTube #FamAlly!

3. Fashion Mumblr

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Hi, I'm Josie! London based Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle blogger. Loves small dogs, macaroni cheese, and shiny things! ​

4. Fashion Channel Milano

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Fashion Channel brings you the best videos and the most exclusive moments of the international runway since 1982 until now, the most representative fashion weeks of the world.

5. Mel Joy

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My name's Melody, but call me Mel for short! I'm just an 18-year-old girl who loves fashion, beauty, videography and being there for all my lovely one millon+ subscribers.

6. Kelsey Simone

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Hi! My name is Kelsey Simone, I'm an 18-year-old East Coast Youtuber. I'm homeschooled and I like to make fashion, beauty & vlog videos

7. LoeyLane

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Hi, I'm Loey! It's like Zoey with an L. Welcome to my channel! Here I post beauty and plus-size fashion videos as well as story times and body confidence vlogs. I upload new videos every week!

8. Koleen Diaz

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Hey loves! Welcome, if you are new! My name is Koleen Diaz. I upload a variety of fashion, beauty and lifestyle videos, basically a little bit of everything. In my channel, you'll be able to find videos of different makeup looks, everyday makeup routines and makeup tutorials I have created as well as how I incorporate different pieces of clothing into multiple outfits like lookbooks, OOTDs, OOTWs, and a ton of back to school videos and content.

9. Tess Christine

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Hi, everyone! Welcome to my channel :) Business inquiries: with Tess Christine in the subject line. I found the youtube beauty community a few years ago and decided to start my own channel in April of 2011 to share my own tips and tricks to makeup, hair, and fashion. I am in no way a professional, just a girl who loves makeup and shopping!

10. Zoella

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Life, Beauty & Chats.

11. Evelina

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Check out my new jewelry line!

12. Kalyn Nicholson

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Just your average 24-year-old, caffeinated Canadian. I have shameless one-way conversations with my dog and prefer Sunday afternoons to Saturday nights. Killing time until I’m an old lady and it’s acceptable to watch Dr. Phil and bake cookies all day - filming life until then so once I do make it as a hip granny I can reminisce on the good old days when my skin wasn’t flabby. Welcome to be Monica Geller fam

13. Amber Scholl

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HELLO, MY ANGELS!!! WELCOME TO MY CHANNEL!!! I'm Amber, and I'm literally broke. Lol. And that inspired me to learn how to be broke and boujee, & I've discovered I have quite the talent for making life luxurious on a dime. So, here are my tips on how to live your life like the queen you are! (even when there's $20 in your bank account lol)

14. Olivia Jade

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Hi everyone! I'm Olivia Jade and this is my channel! I post videos talking about makeup, fashion, lifestyle, and occasionally ill do some challenges. I have a strong passion for makeup and fashion and I love sharing my passion with all of you guys here on youtube.

15. Summer Mckeen

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Hi! I'm Summer and I love makeup, fashion and just making videos! I post every Friday!!

16. Sarah Rae Vargas

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Hi, I'm Sarah, a personal style blogger from Chicago with an addiction to Starbucks, bubble baths, and skinny jeans.

17. clothesencounters

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I'm Jenn I'm. Korean American. Born and raised in LA. Clothes Encounters is a vlog of style musings, tutorials, and lifestyle advice.

18. The Fashion Citizen

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Steph & Melissa Two frugal fashionistas living the dream in sunny Arizona

19. TheLineUp

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We're Maya & Julia from Stockholm, and we are TheLineUp. We make fashion, styling and lifestyle videos.

20. Emily Canham

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Hey there, I Emily. I'm 20 and from England.

21. Freddy My Love

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Hi I'm Freddy, and this is where I share all the things I love with you