Originated in America, basketball has become one of the most popular games in the entire world. The videos in this category will present to you reviews of basketball games, the best NBA games, interviews, and comments from famous basketball players and coaches, interesting and funny videos related to basketball, curiosities about this sport, as well as training videos for those who want to improve their skills. Join us and let’s play together on Best YouTube Basketball Channels.

1. NBA

9,164,292 subscribers
National Basketball Association. Official home of the most compelling basketball action from the NBA

2. Chris Smoove

4,065,484 subscribers
This is a channel about basketball.

3. King Shawnn

681,268 subscribers
Unlike the other channels on this list, this features NBA players in a virtual setting. King Shawnn provides Let’s Play videos for his viewers on his YouTube channel, starring the game NBA 2K.


483,944 subscribers
Hey, Sports Fans! Welcome to BBALLBREAKDOWN - where we break down NBA games from a coach's perspective. Find out what your favorite team is running on offense and whether they're executing on defense. We've got weekly shows as well, like Court Call With Ronnie Nunn. Ronnie is a 20 year NBA referee veteran, and we go over plays suggested by you! We also get on the basketball court to demonstrate team-wide concepts on offense and defense, as well as the most cutting-edge techniques for individual skill development.

5. Real GD's Latest Highlights

326,020 subscribers
This is real GD's Highlights channel. Others are fake. NBA Basketball Highlights by GDFactoryClips. All clips property of the NBA. No copyright infringement is intended. All videos are edited to follow the "Free Use" guideline of YouTube.

6. Mike Korzemba

1,233,497 subscribers
If you like the NBA, you will like this channel. Or you will like to comment hate on this channel. Either way, welcome!

7. Dom2K

209,665 subscribers
Sitting in the 20–50K area in subs, Dom2K has a very articulate decor to his content and always has a very logical explanation to what he believes in respect to the topic he wishes to talk about.

8. Hoop and Life

230,221 subscribers
Hey! I'm Nelson Chan and welcome to Hoop and Life! HOOP AND LIFE is a diverse basketball & sneaker heavy channel. We will be doing sneaker reviews of performance basketball shoes as one of the main topics, along with other fun and comical basketball related videos. My purpose is to be able to help people improve their basketball skills and inspire them to be a better version of themselves not just to be better at basketball but in life altogether. Present knowledge of basketball topics to people in a fun and comical way.

9. SDC

162,585 subscribers
SDC was at 25K, but he does some really nice game recaps from the previous night’s games. Also, covers many interesting, new topics that haven't been done a million times by other basketball YouTubers.

10. MeloMash

53,006 subscribers
One of the smaller basketball YouTube channels is MeloMash. He typically does squad builders on NBA 2k17 (if you're into that), but he does NBA trivia from time to time.

11. Courtside Films

48,007 subscribers
This channel features “mixtapes” of various players’ action in the courts. Soundtracks accompany video mashups of the players’ successes.

12. Atlanta Hawks

20,391 subscribers
The official YouTube channel of the Atlanta Hawks, it offers exactly what you’d expect — highlights of the team on the court, commentary from its players.