Ancient and modern - they amaze our imagination, expand the boundaries of consciousness and leave you breathless — famous architectural structures of the world: the dancing house in Prague, the famous Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, the ancient city of Machu Picchu in Peru and the Akashi Kaikyō suspension bridge. The videos under Architecture Channels will reveal the secrets of creating architectural structures, the famous architects will show their projects in detail, and will read lectures on architectural design 101, 3D design, visualization, and modeling of your ideas.

1. How to Architect

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Doug Patt is a registered licensed architect. He's worked in the architectural field since 1993 and specializes high-end residential architecture. Doug has worked on projects that have received American Institute of Architects (AIA) and Builders Awards in residential architecture. Doug is the author of the top-selling book How to Architect, published by MIT Press Spring in 2012.

2. Architectural Digest

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The official video channel of Architectural Digest. The International Design Authority

3. This Old House

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This Old House expert advice on home improvement, remodeling, upgrades, tools, and products. Come back for full This Old House TV episodes every Wednesday at 10 pm ET. New How-To videos every Sunday at 8 pm.

4. Circle Line Art School

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After going through many YouTube channels, we think this is one of the most updated channels so far. Launched by Tom McPherson, he posts a new how-to-draw video every Saturday. He covers basic topics like drawing landscapes, buildings, optical illusions, and objects. This video channel is great to inspire budding artists and help them become more creative. He has compiled a list of premium courses for aspiring artists to learn from scratch. So, when you are all done with free videos you can opt for premium courses for more in-depth knowledge.

5. Photoshop. Architect

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PHOTOSHOP.ARCHITECT _ a channel for architect This is a channel for Architect and Architect student to improve your photoshop rendering skills, get photoshop library, architecture news, etc.

6. ArchDaily

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Our mission is to improve the quality of life of the next 3 billion people that will move into cities in the next 40 years, by providing inspiration, knowledge, and tools to the architects who will have the challenge to design for them.

7. Sam-E Studio

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Hi, sam-E here, This channel is created for all the beginner, who want to learn about architectural model making, architecture drawings,3d art, optically illusion, architecture design software, interior design and exterior design tutorials, etc, here you will find tips and tricks and learn how to make amazing things by your own ideas in just a few steps.

8. 30X40 Design Workshop

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Architecture tutorials, portfolio, and design advice for students and professionals, architecture short courses, sketching and drawing workshops, architectural essays, product + book reviews. Videos are released once a week - on Thursdays - revealing the thinking, the process and the ideas behind the making of architecture with a focus on residential design. It's an inside look into a growing architecture practice on a small island in Maine.

9. Show It Better

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The best place to learn Architectural Representation.
Architecture is a good idea - a video blog about architecture and other things from art to engineering.

11. TheModmin

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We’ve all heard the story of the cocktail napkin sketch that inspired a masterwork. Architecture is all about communicating ideas visually, and there is no better way to quickly express an idea than through sketching. But for many students just starting on the path of architecture, the skills to actually create such sketches don't come naturally, and mentors who will take the time to explain such basics can be hard to find. The admin, provides short, free tutorials on how to get the most out of your sketches.

12. ARQUI9 Visualisation

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Arqui9's Youtube channel is an extension of our way of thinking. Great work comes from sharing and critiquing each other's work. We hope much of our tutorials inspire the younger and upcoming Architectural Visualisation artist to follow through with their own creations and that that may also share with us.