Abandoned places
If you are passionate about adventures, love to wander through abandoned places, go down caves and dungeons and the combination of mystery and danger attracts you, then you should check out the Abandoned Exploration category on Best YouTube Channels. Enthusiastic travelers will show you the videos from the most secret corners of our planet that and take you with them to abandoned buildings, tunnels, and mines, you will visit places that will scare but at the same time excite you. See abandoned schools, factories, cemeteries and even whole towns.

1. Exploring With Josh

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I'm just a dude with a camera.

2. The Proper People

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We are two friends, Bryan and Michael, who travel in search of abandoned buildings to explore and photograph. We film our adventures to share with the world. Why do we do it? There’s something about exploring these places that really just hits you. When you step into an abandoned building, you get the feeling that you’re leaving the world you know and stepping into another one- maybe one you’ve seen in movies, read about in a book, or only imagined in your dreams. Call it morbid curiosity, but for us, its a way of life. So come, join us on our adventures!

3. Explore With Us

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Do you want to see places never explored or posted on youtube before? We explore where no other youtube explorer has gone. Our current schedule is to release a video every Friday. This is as real as it gets. Most of the places we visit are so remote that we spend days trying to figure out how to even get to them. Many require hikes in over 100-degree weather! No cell phone service, no fuel service, no food service, nothing, so you are literally on your own. These are true adventures, and we invite you to come along and see these places with us.

4. Abandoned Explorer

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Welcome to my channel my name is Neil and I'm an explorer who explores abandoned places around the UK urbex is something I love to do and I film places and show people what these places look like from the inside. Urbexing or urbex is getting bigger and bigger and it's getting harder to find places to explore so if people want to share new places to go, message me up on my Facebook would love to also meet up with fellow explorers and share places they have been.

5. Lewis Clark

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Hi, I Make Youtube Videos, My Content Involves Horror & Risk, I Like To Make My Videos As Interesting & Creative As Possible Enjoy.

6. TikiTrex

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I'm a female urban explorer who firmly adheres to the explorers' maxim: "Take only memories; leave only footprints" - Chief Seattle With nothing but the utmost respect, I document open abandoned places before they are gone forever, whether through demolition or the act of nature reclaiming what was once hers. If there are no openings in the structures, I do not explore as I do not force entry. I also document ghost towns.
Abandoned mines. Unusual places. Strange things. Follow along as I explore and document the peculiar places and unusual things scattered across the country. Whether it's descending into a dangerous, abandoned mine or hiking to a location to check out something extraordinary or unusual, this is your portal to some awesome adventures above ground and underground. Welcome aboard! Certainly glad to have you along for the ride!

8. Abandoned places

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Abandoned places, exploring and adventure.

9. Exploring With Cody

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If you're into some crazy urban exploring adventures (satanic rituals + ghosts + creepy buildings) then you'll love this!

10. TeEnZiE

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Welcome to my channel. My name is Tina, and I love exploring abandoned and forgotten places. "Trespassing" beyond the "Do Not Enter" signs. Buildings, Underground Tunnels, Drains, Mines, Hospitals, Live sites. Life is too short to wonder or be curious. You have to take risks to experience as much as you can in life, No "what ifs" or "buts". For me, Urbex and the risks involved are what remind me that I'm still alive.Urban Exploration is my escape from "reality" and "normality". Places where most people have forgotten. My videos and photos are a way of documenting these places and reminding people what once was,and hopefully for in many more years to come people will appreciate them.
This channel about abandoned buildings, Soviet bases, forgotten places and vehicles, urban explorer and extreme tours all over the world. Don't ask about locations!!!

12. Broken Window Theory

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Abandoned buildings, haunted locations, rotten or lost places - however you call it - we urbex it. Urban Exploration is a passion we pursue for some years now. We - that is Till and Marco, two students from Germany. Our goal is to consistently produce high quality and unique videos about these special places - about Urban Exploring.