3D Printing
Have been thinking about starting 3D printing but don’t know what to start with? Check out our Best YouTube 3D Printing Channels collection to get ideas for making really useful things. The authors of these channels will show you all the magic 3D printers can do, tell you how to make money on 3D printing and demo all the technical characteristics of various 3D printers.

1. Make Anything

270,434 subscribers
Make Anything is a YouTube channel I’ve created to share my passion for 3D printing and design. Each video shares my experience working on a 3D design project, whether they're quick-fixes for problems around the house, or just something really cool and unique to 3D printing. My goal is to provide educational content and inspire viewers to exercise their creativity.

2. Maker's Muse

259,421 subscribers
3D Printing Reviews, Tutorials, and Guides! We believe in empowering creativity through rapid prototyping technologies and take pride in providing unbiased and fair reviews of 3D Printers, 3D Scanners, and Software.

3. 3D Printing Nerd

215,024 subscribers
Hi, my name is Joel Telling, though many today know me as the 3D Printing Nerd. I’m a Pacific Northwest native, hailing from Seattle, Washington. My YouTube channel started out as a way for me to share all the cool things I was doing with my very first 3d printer, and since then has transformed into one of the most trusted online places for 3d printer reviews, tips, and tricks. My goal is to inform, educate, and advocate, and I accomplish this with thanks in part to the wonderful 3d printing community I am a part of.

4. Thomas Sanladerer

153,236 subscribers
Everything about 3D Printing and Making! Build guides, tutorials, tips, and reviews around the new generation of consumer and prosumer 3D printers (and more)!

5. Tech2C

43,392 subscribers
3D Printing, FPV RC and everything in between.

6. MatterHackers

56,875 subscribers
Welcome to the MatterHackers 3D Printing Channel. Here you will find how to tutorials, 3d printer and filament product reviews, inspiring 3D printing projects, and general shenanigans from time to time! These videos are MatterHackers way of teaching, inspiring and empowering others to embrace the technology and make stuff using 3D printing. We upload a few videos every week

7. Stratasys

24,759 subscribers
For more than 25 years, Stratasys has been a defining force in 3D printing and additive manufacturing - shaping the way things are made. Stratasys products and services empower customers across a broad range of applications - from Aerospace, Automotive, and Industrial Tooling to Healthcare, Consumer Electronics, and Education. By introducing new paradigms in rapid prototyping and manufacturing flexibility, Stratasys 3D printing solutions enable better-designed products to be delivered faster. The Stratasys ecosystem comprises 3D printers for prototyping and production, a wide range of 3D printing materials, parts on-demand via Stratasys Direct Manufacturing, strategic consulting and professional services, as well as the Thingiverse and GrabCAD communities with over 2 million free 3D printable files. Stratasys subsidiaries include MakerBot and Solidscape.

8. Chaos Core Tech

28,214 subscribers
Hello YouTube, my name is Garrett. I'm a full-time programmer, who loves to make things in downtime. I make 3D models, 3D print them out, then my wife, Chelsey, paints them and makes them look amazing. Then I bring a video to you and share the files along with my experience. I'd be happy just to entertain a few people every now and then, and hopefully, I can inspire someone to create something they've wanted to for a long time. So join me and have fun!

9. CHEP Filament Friday

23,440 subscribers
I do practical 3D printing every Friday on my show Filament Friday. I show how to design 3D prints and then how to print them on lower cost printers. I also occasionally do new printer reviews, some electronics, and CNC on my XCarve.

10. 3DMN

31,152 subscribers
I'm a Noob! there I said it! Join me on my journey of making 3D Printed stuff. What stuff do you say? Anything, EVERYTHING! I'm a noob that likes to get his hands dirty and dive head first into the deep end of the pool.

11. Mold3D Channel

20,029 subscribers
Providing educational and entertaining videos for artists interested in 3D Printing, 3D Modeling, design, and digital manufacturing topics.
PRINT THAT THING is where we share 3D Printing designs, Tutorials, & Tips with the rest of the world. Hopefully educating & inspiring you to get involved with 3D printing.